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The last raid for July saw us rigging up in our cold weather gear and paying Hodir a visit. On our 4th attempt we managed to claim the head of our first Keeper of Ulduar.

Grats to Furby for getting the Guild’s first Tier 8 token from Hodir’s Cache of Winter.


It’s be a while since I updated the web page. Since the last update, we have finished Naxxramas, The Obsidian Sanctum and Eye of Eternity.

A few weeks after 3.1 went live we finished up our pre-Ulduar guild first and went to work gearing up for Ulduar. This took us a few months, but we only started raiding in January, some 2 months after the majority of the other raid guilds.

July saw us give up the comforts of what we had on farm for Ulduar. Since then we have made pretty strong head way with the Keepers now firmly in our sights.

Here are a few guild first highlight pictures.

The Assembly of Iron



Ignis the Furnace Master

XT-002 Deconstructor


Flame Leviathan






About Aussie Crew

Aussie Crew was first created as a chat channel in Everquest with a collection of like-minded players from many different raid guilds. The majority of them moved to WoW and were spread across different guilds and even servers. On February 26, 2006 the channel/people decided to take the next step and form Aussie Crew the Guild, on Doomhammer. We have since moved to Muradin and the Guild has evolved into what you see today, a tight-knit community of players. We are a casual raid guild that currently runs 10man raids 3 nights a week. Since the channel from oh so many years ago we have always gone by the motto "Doing more with less." We are an Aussie time zone guild on a US server, with members from all across the world.