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It’s a boy!

Big congrats to Din and family on their new addition.

Please visit the forum to offer your well-wishes, comments, virtual cigars and the like!


The forum has been rebuilt, bigger (actually smaller) and better than before!

Mori is still in the process of salvaging posts from the old forum, which will take a few days yet, but things are up and running.

You will need to re-register for an account and we ask that you use the name of your main toon (or at least one of your toons) so we know who you are when approving the registration.

You also need to use a valid email when you sign up.   We promise not to spam you, but if you use an invalid email, the forum spams Mori with bounce messages and it makes her grumpy.   If you’ve been a member for more than 5 seconds you know that we try not to make Mori grumpy so Din doesn’t have to talk her off ledges or out of killing people.

If you find something that isn’t working right, let Mori know.  As always, if you have any questions contact an Officer.

Our New Home

We have (mostly) successfully made the jump to our new home.  As with all moves, there is a bit of dust still settling.

We have a brand new look to the homepage and we expect to be adding things a lot more frequently now.  We also can now have “guest” posters, so if any of you have a topic you would like to post on or want to post about a raid or have screenshots to share give Mori a holler and she will get you set up with a posting account.

You can also post comments on any of the posts made for 2 weeks after the post has been made.  After 2 weeks, we are turning off comments on the old posts in an effort to cut down on the ineviable spam that occurs.

The DKP site survied the transition intact (for which we are all VERY thankful) and you can find a link to it on the right side bar under resources (and also at the bottom under resources).

Now for the bad news.  The forum suffered a fatal blow in the move and despite Mori’s best resuscitation efforts we have declared it to be a lost cause 🙁

However, all is not lost.  Mori has a file and can manually pull the text of the posts out of it so over the next week or so she will be reconstructing the most important old posts/links and updating things like the loot rules and raid guide on the main page here.

So, in about a weeks time, we will have a shiny, new slightly restructured forum.  We are sorry for the inconvenience, but you will have to register again for the new forum.

Also, please note that there is a link to our Application under resources, so if you have people asking you about joining you can direct them to the Application link.

Stay tuned here and the MOTD for further updates, as the dust settles from the move.


About Aussie Crew

Aussie Crew was first created as a chat channel in Everquest with a collection of like-minded players from many different raid guilds. The majority of them moved to WoW and were spread across different guilds and even servers. On February 26, 2006 the channel/people decided to take the next step and form Aussie Crew the Guild, on Doomhammer. We have since moved to Muradin and the Guild has evolved into what you see today, a tight-knit community of players. We are a casual raid guild that currently runs 10man raids 3 nights a week. Since the channel from oh so many years ago we have always gone by the motto "Doing more with less." We are an Aussie time zone guild on a US server, with members from all across the world.