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Mimiron and General Vezax

After several weeks of headaches and a few close fights, we have now defeated Mimiron and his toys. Good work by everyone who stuck to it and didn’t give up hope of getting him down.

Since we had some time left over for this week, we had a look at General Vezax. After a few attempts with everyone getting used to having no mana regen. We added General Vezax to our list of dead bosses.




General Vezax


About Aussie Crew

Aussie Crew was first created as a chat channel in Everquest with a collection of like-minded players from many different raid guilds. The majority of them moved to WoW and were spread across different guilds and even servers. On February 26, 2006 the channel/people decided to take the next step and form Aussie Crew the Guild, on Doomhammer. We have since moved to Muradin and the Guild has evolved into what you see today, a tight-knit community of players. We are a casual raid guild that currently runs 10man raids 3 nights a week. Since the channel from oh so many years ago we have always gone by the motto "Doing more with less." We are an Aussie time zone guild on a US server, with members from all across the world.