Loot Rules

Aussie Crew Loot Rules

Aussie Crew will operate under DKP as follows:

Loot will be announced in raid channel. All those who wish that loot should ‘bid’ at that time

The winner will be decided by the following criteria:

  • Class as determined for the item (rare)
  • Members and Approved Guests
      An approved guest is one that has attended a minimum of 5 raids, has had a 75% approval vote to become as such. Approved guests cannot go negative in DKP and lose to a member if tied.
  • Guests
  • Twinks/Alts
  • Person with the highest totals wins and immediately has those points removed from their total

If no one chooses to spend points on an item, it will be DE’d

You may only go negative on points total by winning an item

DKP will  operate in all “official” 10 and 25 man raids.  Alt raids and raids run by members of AC other than the Officers will not count toward DKP unless specifically stated.

DKP will only be spent on epic items. BOE blues will be needed by the Officers and put in the guild bank/sold for guild bank funds . BOE greens are greeded.

Basic AC group loot rules.

As a general rule of thumb, in instances all Bind on pickup loot is passed on then work out who it’s the best upgrade for and given out. (some time this is not achievable and loot may need to be decided by /random 100

All bind on equip items that a green are generally greeded (please note: if a green is an upgrade that you should press the need button)

Blue bind on equip items are usually greed by most groups as well. and same again for purple bind on equip items.


About Aussie Crew

Aussie Crew was first created as a chat channel in Everquest with a collection of like-minded players from many different raid guilds. The majority of them moved to WoW and were spread across different guilds and even servers. On February 26, 2006 the channel/people decided to take the next step and form Aussie Crew the Guild, on Doomhammer. We have since moved to Muradin and the Guild has evolved into what you see today, a tight-knit community of players. We are a casual raid guild that currently runs 10man raids 3 nights a week. Since the channel from oh so many years ago we have always gone by the motto "Doing more with less." We are an Aussie time zone guild on a US server, with members from all across the world.